Batik Dayak Kalimantan with Tribal Art

Batik as traditional art in Indonesia comes in various models. Each region has its own characteristic of Batik, and it is absolutely colorful. One cool batik comes from Kalimantan, Samarinda to be specific. The batik is called Batik Dayak in which it refers to a famous tribe in Indonesia. This batik is quite different from common Batik in Indonesia especially Java. One main reason is because of its creation requires cloth or fabric crafted from pineapple threads. It is completely different from cotton fabric that is used by Javanese. In result, the fabric looks more shiny and hard. However, Batik in Kalimantan is not always made of this threads. There are people making Batik Kalimantan using cotton clothes.

As we all know how complicated and rich the Batik art in Indonesia, Batik Dayak also has some variations. However, one of the coolest one is Batik with tribal art. The tribal motif is selected since it represents the tribal tradition in Indonesia. However, the motif is not really different from common tribal arts found in other cultures. One tribal art which is usually implemented in the batik is based on plants. This motif consists of curving leaves with tentacle-like roots completed with dots and intertwined lines.

The second model is almost similar to the previous one. The difference is that there is additional motif based on universe object. Stars, sea wave, galaxy imagery, and some small abstract objects are composed together. This model seems to carry futuristic imagination in which it does not represent any cultural and classic object. In addition, this Batik Dayak also comes in more elegant color. Purple, blue, dark green, dark red, and other elegant colors are used for batik creation. It makes the batik looks cool. Some people opt this batik because of its elegance. In addition, the price is also affordable.

Another cool model is also based on tribal art, yet it is specifically for emphasizing the tribe art itself. The model does not use any object as representation. Instead, it uses beautiful vector arts connected each other. The lines and shapes are usually designed in S-shape motif. This is quite nice model especially looking at the uniformity and harmony it brings. Batik Dayak is only a piece of arts that can be found in Indonesia. In Kalimantan alone, there are hundreds of batik model that can be found. They all have different characteristic representing culture of the people.

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