Tapis Lampung in Ship Motif

Lampung is one region in Indonesia having various cultures and arts. There are many things that can be obtained in this area such as delicious foods, amazing tourism place, and also fashion. Talking about fashion in Lampung, there is traditional fabric which is quite interesting to see. It is known as Tapis. Tapis is similar to songket in which it is weaving art for fabric. It is created and worn by women for formal and cultural events. This sheet of fabric is not used for as clothes or skirt. Instead, it is used as additional slayer for complementing main outfit. Tapis Lampung comes in various appearance, and some of them are recommended.

One of the recommended motif is ship. It is a simple shape that is probably neglected by people. However, it turns out to be highly artistic once implemented in Tapis Lampung. Tapis is crafted using gold or silver threads. The thread is not purely made of gold. Not only is it extremely expensive for the end result, but it also means the fabric very heavy. Instead, the real gold is only brushed as covering over ordinary threads. This thread is used for creating ship in more advanced appearance. This way, it is possible to achieve glittering and sparkling ship for Tapis.

Before going further to the realization of the ship, it is worth to know why ship becomes very common idea shared by people in Lampung. One basic idea is because Lampung is considerably near from sea. Ship docking in the harbor was respected as it brings many commodities to other regions in Indonesia and other part of the world. Lampung was also the place for commercial ship to stay and it is absolutely a good opportunity for trade. As great symbol of wealth and prosperity, ship is commonly used in images for Tapis Lampung.

Some images of ships that are commonly presented are 2D ships. Indeed, they do not like too nice when considering futuristic items are currently presented in 3D. However, they are proven to be artistic especially when accomplished with some other elements in the tapis. The image of ships is usually created based on basic shapes such as rectangle. However, it is also common to find the ship coming in more complex shapes such as curves. Tapis Lampung with ship image is absolutely nice for showing the passion of Lampung people. In addition, it also shows the cultural background of Lampung people.

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