The Monkey King and His Bad Behaviors


Many animals in the jungle do not believe if they have to choose the monkey king. However, because of the lion as the king of the jungle was shot down by humans and none other animals are offering themselves to be the next king, they have no choice. Besides that, the reason is also reasonable enough since the monkey is a little bit similar with the human. Therefore, many of the animals in the jungle do not have any other problem if the monkey will be the king of the jungle.


At the beginning of his ruler, all of the animals do not have any trouble with that. However, as the time goes, they finally realize that there is something wrong by choosing the monkey king. That is because the monkey as the new king in the jungle usually does things that many animals do not like. As an addition, the new king often order many animals to serve him like the real king, even though he can be easily defeated by many other animals in the jungle. Unfortunately, no animal is doing anything to stop that kind of government.


Until one day, some animals are gathering around to make a plan. The plain is to give the king a lesson that he will never forget. As the beginning, they prepared some foods around the traps that the human has made. After that, the wolf suddenly run into the monkey king and tells him that he has found a lot of foods for all of the animals. However, the king says that wolf should never tell the other animal since he has to check the food first. After that, the king leaves the throne and head to the place that the wolf told earlier.


At that place, the monkey found all of the foods. However, because of his small brain, the king was trapped inside the trap that the human made. The monkey cannot jump to leave the hole and all of the animals are only laughing at the monkey king. All of the animals are glad to know that their greedy king has been trapped and wait for the human to take him out from the hole. However, none of them really cares about what will happen to the monkey if the human take him out of the hole since they have left their new king there alone inside the hole.



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