Various Kinds of Kebaya to Know



Kebaya is a traditional outfit worn by women in special occasion. It is true that kebaya is not worn for daily basis because it traps heat. Women are not comfortably in wearing kebaya too long in a day. Despite of such fact, kebaya is a great source for making women beautiful. Its glamorous impression is excellent way to achieve elegance and beauty at the same time. Just like other cultural item in Indonesia, kebaya actually comes in various styles, designs, and ideas. Various kinds of kebaya can be easily found in respective region, but it is also possible to get them through online stores.

Before moving further to various kinds of kebaya, it is important to know that basically kebaya is embellished in tight creation. Even though it was once created for covering the upper part of body as suggested in Muslim guidance, it is designed to show curves of body. Apart from that, kebaya is still an interesting blouse-dress to look at. Kebaya is regarded as blouse-dress since blouse and dress should come together. While the blouse or short-shirt is created from light material representing embroidery, the dress or skirt itself is typically only a sarong. The undergarment really comes in plain model, and it does not have very detailed motif. Instead, it is just like a piece of batik clothing wrapped to body. It is that simple.

One kind of Kebaya is known as Javanese kebaya. As the name suggests, the kebaya is originated from java. It has very characterized embellishment such as floral embroidery. Modesty is accentuated in Javanese kebaya through color selection and complexity in embroidery. This way, it achieves the beauty of Javanese women who are calm and obedient. The next item is Balinese kebaya. It is similar to what Javanese women wear. The difference is the presence of slayer wrapped in the waist for creating slimmer effect. Various kinds of kebaya do not stop to this point. There are still more to discover.

Another cool kebaya is named encim. This kebaya gets its exquisite appearance from Chinese culture. One district characteristic is the presence of V-neck of the kebaya itself. In addition, the embroidery is not limited to flowers. It is often replaced with dragons, wings, etc. This kind of Kebaya is really cool for contemporary women as its development rate is considerably high. Those all are various kinds of kebaya that are commonly found in Indonesia.

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