Baluran National Park East Java as the Indonesian African Savanna

If you love the natural view of African savanna, then you might want to consider visiting Baluran National Park East Java for your next trip. With the considerably cheaper budget, you can view the similar view like you can get in the African savanna just by going to East Java, Indonesia. This National Park is known as the smaller version or the local version of African savanna. That is because you can find almost everything that you can find in the African savanna. However, of course the scale is smaller compared with the real savanna in Africa.

In this place, you can also find many interesting things that will surely attract your attention. Starting from the very first gate to the Baluran National Park East Java in Batangan resort, you can see the nice forest impression from every parts of the road. If you ever watched The Motorcycle Diaries that shows how little Che lived, then the situation is a little bit similar. You can also find many different animals in the track such as the different species of birds, monkeys, deer, and even the peacocks. As an addition to that, all of those animals are wild, not tamed.

After leaving the main road, you will find the great Bekol Savanna. In this small version of African savanna, you can also find many different animals that live in the savanna such as the bulls, the deer, the antelopes, the peacocks, and many other animals. If you have seen all of the beauty of the local savanna, you can end your day by visiting the beach that you can find in Baluran National Park East Java. Since you are visiting the National Park, then you can also expect to have some other things rather than just the savanna. You can go fishing in Kajang Beach behind the wilderness of this National Park. Or else, you can also go to see the beautiful view of the mangrove pier in one spot named Bama Pier. You will find the shocking view in this area.

For your information, the tropical climate is something that you need to consider if you want to visit this place. That is because the climate in Indonesia, especially Baluran National Park East Java is a little bit different. Therefore, if you want to get the best time to visit this place, you might want to have some free time around March to August.



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