Batik Pekalongan Distinguished Characteristic

Art in Indonesia is very colorful. It is impossible to find the exact same model of art even though it is separated by province. In the central java, there is a great art known as Batik. Indonesia has batik, yet Batik in central Java is completely different from the rest. Pekalongan is one region in Central Java having interesting and artistic Batik. Batik Pekalongan is very rich in color, and it creates cheerful, attractive, and distinguished impression. The development of Batik in Pekalongan is somewhat dramatic. It is due to the fact that Batik was forcefully developed to meet western standard at that time. However, it actually brings good effect in contemporary era since there has been influencing signature as characteristic of Batik in Pekalongan.

There are some models of Batik Pekalongan that is widely recognized and known. One of them is Garuda. As usual, this mythological bird is often inserted in various arts in Indonesia. Considering it as the country symbol, it makes sense to imbue this bird into Batik as cultural heritage as well. What makes Batik in Pekalongan different is the end result of the Batik itself. Typically batik comes in monochrome or grayscale color. However, Batik in Pekalongan develops other colors to join such as blue, yellow, red, and purple. It truly gives color in art in Indonesia, and this Batik is absolutely awesome.

The next batik model is known as Batik Jlamprang. The basic idea of this Batik is to avoid living object as image for cloths. This idea is similar to aborigine Australia that creates x-ray painting. However, it is not applicable for Indonesian. Instead, living object is replaced to merely basic shapes such as circle, rectangular, lines, triangle, or combinations of some shapes. Some people say that this batik model comes from Islamic culture, but some others say it comes from Hinduism. Coming in two-color tone, this Batik Pekalongan is surely simple and meaningful.

The last model to introduce is known as cheerful batik. Basically this model relies on the usage of colorful and bright colors. All colors in bright tone are usually used for making the batik attractive. However, there is also a limitation in using of color since it can ruin the design. Careful color selection is performed by the creator of Batik Pekalongan. That way, it is possible to achieve cheerful batik without making it look weird. This model, however, is not really liked by teenagers or youngsters because it is considered too exaggerating.


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