Friendship of Sigarlaki and Limbat


A long time ago, lived two friends named Sigarlaki and Limbat. Actually, Sigarlaki is a great hunter who has a nice and loyal servant named Limbat. However, because of their close relationship in hunting, they considered as the best hunting couple at that time. Because of these relation too, they become the best friends together. The hunting skill of Sigarlaki is something that many people will never ask anymore. That is because they can catch anything if they want to. Unfortunately, there is a time when they did not get anything during their hunt.


Realizing that they did not get anything during their hunt, both of them were going home desperately. However, there is worse news for Sigarlaki and Limbat. After they reach their home, Limbat checked the stock barn and realized that all of their stocks were gone. Sigarlaki was furious and accused Limbat to be the thief. However, Limbat said that he was innocent. Sigarlaki asked him for a duel with his spear to proof that Limbat is innocent. When the spear is thrown into the bottom of the lake, Limbat has to swim down inside the lake too and if Limbat comes out of the water before the spear, then he is the thief.


Limbat thought carefully about that situation and that he would never win that kind of challenge. However, Limbat still do that to proof that he is innocent. On the first try, Limbat swam down the lake and then a big pig came out of nowhere. Sigarlaki pulled the spear and threw it to the pig, but he missed. Because of that, the challenge between Sigarlaki and Limbat was won by Limbat. However, Sigarlaki said that there was a mistake so that they have to do that once again. Again, Limbat took the challenge.


For the second time Sigarlaki threw the spear to the lake and Limbat swam down the lake, there was a big crab biting his foot and Sigarlaki was very shocked he pulled the spear and threw the spear that accidentally hit his own feet. Soon after that, Limbat came out of the lake and Limbat won the challenge for the second time and helped Sigarlaki with his wound. After that accident, Sigarlaki realized that Limbat was the best friend that he ever had. After that, both Sigarlaki and Limbat become the best friend forever, not a hunter and his loyal servant.



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