Sasirangan Clothing in Various Models and Colors

Traditional clothing in Indonesia is various. From one region to other region, there is always a fresh, new, and interesting models. One kind of clothing which is highly valued – in terms of art – is known as sasirangan. This kind of clothing is native to a tribe in South Kalimantan. Banjar tribe has made sasirangan for quite long time. Just like other traditional clothing, sasirangan clothing is commonly worn in special occasion such as rituals and prayers. In addition, this type of clothing is related to the way it cures sick people. The creation of this clothing is through a technique of stitching in wide gap. It seems that the stich is not strong because of the use of this technique, yet it is just quite durable.

There are some interesting motifs of sasirangan clothing that should be noted. One of the model is actually based on wood skin. The grain of the wood is used as basic motif of sasirangan. The woods used as representative in the clothing is typically hardwoods which are commonly found in Kalimantan. This motif is expandable into something more modern with additional colors and impression. It is also important to note that it is not the only model. Another interesting model is known as kambang raja. The basic meaning is meeting place for kings. That is why the design seems like a pair of line of seating in very long manner.

The next design is known as jajumputan. Basically it is similar to what we know as rainbow style design. However, it is created traditionally, and the color selection is typically limited. In addition, the color tone used in jajumputan sasirangan clothing comes in darker tone instead of bright. It makes the clothing look elegant and futuristic. Moreover, due to some improvements in terms of designs, this design is really suitable for contemporary people who demand modern art based on traditional art. Jajumputan actually also comes in other motifs accomplished by natural plants, leaves, and flowers.

The last design is known as naga balimbur. It is simply a dragon design which is depicted by tribes in Banjar. The dragon represented is not like dragons that mostly we have in the mind. Instead, it is only like a snake with that reptile-like scales as the main detailing in sasirangan clothing. This kind of design is absolutely cool and is developed continuously. It is expected that with some colors imbued in the fabric, it can help people to recover from particular illness.


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