Songket Kalimantan with Exquisite Details

Kalimantan is an island in Indonesia which is also known as Borneo. Some beautiful arts are produced in this island, and I tis worthy to recognize one of them, known as Songket Kalimantan, it is basically a fabric woven using exclusive material such as silver and gold threads. Songket was basically derived from cultures in Sumatra, yet it spread across some islands in Indonesia. As one of influenced region, Kalimantan also produces songket with different accomplishment. The difference in motif is quite significant, and it is easy to recognize whether a songket Kalimantan or other regions. Some characteristic of songket created in Kalimantan can be identified through its details.

The details of Songket Kalimantan are well-defined. It consists of basic shapes such as rectangle, circle and triangle. It is also common to find them arranged in harmony composition. Mostly the motifs are designed in uniformity. It means that every single detail is arranged accordingly based on specific line that is very consistent. It results a beautiful and engaging motifs that will be loved by people. Typically the size of each shape that is composed comes in the same size. However, it is also possible to find the socket with bigger shape as the print as focal point in the fabric.

Related to color variation, Songket Kalimantan is quite different from the famous Songket Bali or even Songket Palembang. The main difference can be seen from the color tone. Compared Bali, songket in Kalimantan has darker color tone. Alternatively, it has more color variations from Songket Palembang. It makes this songket stay in the middle of the line, and it is just nice to see them sparkling. The songket made in Kalimantan is also glittering when hit by light. The reflection of light is just beautiful and dramatic. It is definitely excellent art that is only available in Indonesia.

To emphasize more, there is also a variation that shows cultural aspect of Kalimantan people especially for the tribes. The songket then has a totem-look appearance that is accomplished in some colors. It is supposed to make the design less creepy. Moreover, there is also a design that represents mask or face with length chin and forehead. It is characteristic of cultural aspect that is embellished in Songket Kalimantan. For those who are interested in such beauty, it is possible to obtain this fabric easily. Clothing, dress, and shirt are also available, and they are just artistic.


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