The Happy Ending of Tragic Beginning of Keong Mas


The story of Keong Mas started when there was a very rich family with a son named Galoran. However, Galoran is a very lazy and bossy son. Even after the death of this parents, he still uses all of the money until he went bankrupt. One day, there was a nice lady who wanted him to accompany her and be the father of her daughter named Jambean. Jambean is very good and sewing even the whole village knows about his sewing quality. However, because of the diligence, Galoran felt a little bit jealous. He told his wife to choose him or her daughter.


The wife is very sad to hear that condition. After that, she shared about her feeling to her daughter Jambean, who will be the Keong Mas later on. After she shared everything, Jambean said that Galoran might kill her, but she has to make sure that the body should not be buried, but thrown into the dam. Her mother agreed and right after Jambean was killed, she threw the body to the dam. Soon after that, the body turned into the golden colored snail.


Few years after that, two widows are looking for something to eat around the dam and they found the golden colored snail. They decided to take that snail home and keep it inside the jar in their kitchen. Day after day has passed after they found the Keong Mas and they realized that they always have many things to east after they went back home. Because of their curiosity, one day they hide in the back of the kitchen and find out that the golden snail that they took before changes into the beautiful lady that prepare everything for them.


After they talked many things with Jambean, they feel sorry for her and they decided to take her as their daughter. Because the two widows have found out the truth about Jambean, she started her old skill in sewing and helped the two widows to get the wealth that they never have before. Until one day, the cloth that Keong Mas sewed finally reached the prince of a kingdom. Curious about whom the one who make the cloth, the prince finally come to see Jambean on his own eye. Soon after that, the prince fall in love with Jambean and propose her to be his wife and they live together with the widows in the kingdom.



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