Visiting the Ancient Creature in Komodo Island NTT


Some people love to see the ancient creatures at the dinosaur age and wish that they could see the real one. If you consider yourself as that kind of people, then you will surely need to plan a trip to Komodo Island NTT. That is because in Komodo Island you will be able to see the real komodo in the real life as one of the species that lives in the same age as the dinosaur age. However, do not expect to see the similar size creature that looks as big as tyrannosaurs or something like that since the size of a komodo is not that big at all.

Since the name of the place is Komodo Island, then this place is just an island inhabited by many komodo inside the island. The komodo itself is the main attraction that you can find in Komodo Island NTT. That is because komodo is considered as the giant lizard that is predicted has been existed since the ancient age and until this time, the population is not more than 3.000 komodo. What make it better is that the komodo can only be found in Indonesia and this is one reason why UNESCO is making this place as one of the World Cultural Heritage that needs special attention.

If you think that komodo is the main attraction that you can find in this place, then you are wrong. That is because you can also find some other interesting things in this island. One of them is the pinky beach. Yes, the color of the beach in this island is pink. This pinky beach in Komodo Island NTT named among the other seven pinky beaches all over the world. Therefore, when you are visiting Komodo Island, you can also visit one of those seven only pinky beaches in the world.

The last one that you might want to see from this place is the underwater view. Yes, those who love snorkeling or diving will surely love the underwater view of this place. That is because the underwater view of this place is just so beautiful so that many people consider the underwater view of Komodo Island NTT is the twin of the one that you can find in Raja Ampat Papua, near this place. So, if you want to see the real living ancient creature with some bonuses over your travel, this place is the one that you should visit.




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