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Tubagus Armand Maulana or also known as Armand Maulana was born on 4 April 1971 in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Now, he is in 44 years old. He is a vocalist from a popular and legendary group music band named “Gigi”. He is a little brother of a girl singer and presenter, Nita Tilana. Since he was child, he likes music very much. When he was in the elementary school, he was one of the members of Genesis Fans Club. It was a group of people who like rock music Genesis style. Also, he once joined in the theater musical club when in elementary school.


Continuing to the junior high school in the middle of 1980s when the fusion style was very popular at that time, Armand began to collect many music albums such as jazz style, fusion, and a sort of that kind. Armand did not get his good vocal from any courses, it is his natural talent.


In 1985, Armand Maulana started his career as a finalist of cover boy in a model magazine when he was still a second-grade student of junior high school in Bandung. He joined in a vocal group in his school with his friends when he was in senior high school. There, he was always pointed as a main vocal by the other members. From it, he realized that he has a talent in singing. Then, he created a school vocal group and the members were his friends in senior high school. Armand started his professional career as a vocalist when he joined in Next Band in 1990. Then, he joined a well known group named Trio Libels in 1991.


In 1992, Armand Maulana released his first solo album by the title of Kau Tetap Milikku before he formed a group together in 22 March 1994 with Dewa Budjana, Ronal Fristianto, Thomas Ramdhan, and Aria Baron by the name of GIGI which still exists up to now. When the popularity of music in Indonesia was in a high level, GIGI band also was one of the music groups which reached its high popularity. In Armand’s personal life, he has a father named Tubagus Achmad Drajat and a mother named Enden Khadijah. He has many brothers and sisters; they are Ria Hilmiati, Ray Bachtiar Drajat, Roy Irawan, Nane Meyane, and Nita Tilana. Armand got married with Dewi Gita and they have a daughter named Naja Dewi Maulana.

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