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B.J. Habibie, or in full name is Bacharudin Jusuf Habibie, is one of the presidents of Indonesia. He was born on 25th June 1936 in Parepare, Indonesia. He was a politician and aircraft engineer who was elected as president in a short period from 1989 until 1999. Habibie also was a leader in country’s economic and technological development in the end of 20th centuries and the early of 21th centuries. Having a brilliant skill in the mathematics and science since childhood brought him in Bandung Institute of Technology, Bandung, in West Java to continue his study of postsecondary education. Then, he studied in Institute of Technology of North Rhine, Westphalia, in Aachen, West Germany. In 1960, he graduated and remained there as a production supervisor and an aeronautics researcher.


When Soeharto (read: Suharto) took power in a second president of Indonesia in 1966, he asked B.J. Habibie to return to Indonesia in order to help build the advanced industries. Soeharto convinced him that he would be able to do whatever his needs to reach his goals. He was assigned initially to the company of state oil, Pertamina and in 1976; he became a chief and a government adviser of the new aerospace company. In two years later, he became a head and research minister of the Technology Evaluation and Application Agency. In these roles, he supervised and organized many ventures which involved the transportation and production of heavy machinery, electronics and telecommunication equipments, steel, and ammunition and arms.


B.J. Habibie believed that his enterprises would spawn the high technology ventures ultimately in private sector and allow Indonesia country to climb the ladder of technology. He unveiled his first Indonesian-developed plane in 1993 which the design was helped by him. In the following year, he had a plan and launched it from the refurbishing of more than three dozen vessels which was bought from East Germany former navy as his initiative. The Finance Ministry refused the cost of the latter endeavor when the armed forced thought the turf was violated. However, B.J. Habibie got the finance more than $400 million to refurbish it. Meanwhile, Habibie was appointed as an Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals Association leader in 1990. During the 1993 of the country’s ruling party, Golongan Karya (Golkar), he helped the children and accompanied the President Soeharto to rise in the top positions. In the late of 1990s, Habibie became one of the several possible successors to substitute the aging Soeharto in his position.

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