Batik City in Pekalongan

Pekalongan is one of cities in Indonesia. Located in central java, this city is quite big because there are many industries and facilities offered. This city has decent economic level and is regarded as assisting region in Central Java. Pekalongan is also regarded as batik city because its batik production. Batik crafted in this city is quite special, and it is absolutely recommended for those who are looking for original art of Indonesians.  In addition to providing batik as production, batik is actually acronym representing the city. Bersih, Aman, Tertib, Indah, and Komunikatif are each respective letter representing BATIK. That means clean, secure, organized, beautiful, and communicative. Those adjectives are embedded in every individuals’ sense, and that is why this city is developed so rapidly.


This city is still not considered as metropolitan because of limited population here. There are only a few ethnics living in Pekalongan, and there is not too much variation in it. Dominant religion in this area is Islam, and the believers really have faith to the God. There are several proofs related to this notion such as the establishment of Islamic dormitory and Islamic schools. Dominating ethnic in the batik city is Javanese, and it has similar characteristic to Javanese people in Banyumas especially for its dialect.

Even though this city is not metropolitan, the economic growth is high. Some leading sectors in this areas are industry, fishing, and property. The fishing sector is supposed to be greatest since Pekalongan provides huge harbor for trading. Due to the massive catch of sea animals, many culinary made of those resources are crafted. Some examples are crisps, sardine, dried salted fish, and shrimp paste. In addition to sectors in food, the property sector is also noticeable as well. Knowing that some new buildings are established, particularly for residence, it is practically possible to sell them well. Batik city also has some big market places. Some examples are Plaza Pekalongan and Podosugih traditional market.

There are also some sites that can be considered when visiting this city. Kampung Wisata Batik or known as batik tourism village is a great destination for those who want to learn how to make specially-made batik from Pekalongan. The batik city also provides several entertainment such as Water Park Dupan. Even though it is not a massive water park, it is completely comfortable for spending vacation time. There are also other classic places that can be visited such as Meduri Asri and Lolong tourism village.



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