Glorious Kediri in the East

Indonesia consists of many fabulous cities worth to explore. Within a small island known as Java, there are several big cities that can be visited. Big cities in java such as Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya are awesome. Almost everything can be obtained in this city starting from entertainment, to education, market place, and job field. However, big cities are not recommended anymore since they are too crowded. Such place is just not really nice for vacation, and there should be alternative for that. For those who want to explore Java Island, there is a place known as Kediri. This is a small city located in province of East Java, and its location is considerable near from Yogyakarta. Glorious Kediri has quite interesting history worth to tell about.


Just like other places in Indonesia, Kediri was previously a kingdom. Since it was a small kingdom, finally the control was given to bigger kingdom such as Majapahit, Mataram, Demak, and Singhasari. Kediri got its name from a tree known as mulberry. The Sanskrit word for that tree is Khadri which is phonetically similar to Kediri in Indonesians’ tongue. Such tree grew flourishingly at that time, and that was why this place was named after. This story really says that Kediri was going down. That is true until the government in this area was rewarded with autonomy. From this point, Kediri could manage its business and expand its resource. One great proof for glorious Kediri is cigarette company Gudang Garam.


This company is definitely great as it can support local people. More than 50,000 workers are absorbed in this big company. It does not include some leaders within the company. Gudang Garam Kretek industry is absolutely great, but it is not completely for vacation purpose. For those who are looking for entertainment and adventure, there is a nice place in glorious Kediri. This place is known as Kediri Water Park. The water slide in this park is claimed as the longest in Indonesia. It is definitely a worthy place to visit for those who love water. For those who do not like water, Kediri Water Park also provides nice Go-Kart track as well.


Glorious Kediri is proven to be classy and fun place to visit. However, it is not just it. For those who are seeking better education, there are recommended university to visit. They are Brawijaya University, University of Kediri, and National Islamic University of Kediri. In addition, there is also small village designed for learning English known as Kampung Inggris.


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