Kind of North Sumatera Rituality

Sumatera island is one of place where has numerous of cultural traditions. Sumatera is divided into two main places based on the location; they are North Sumatera and West Sumatera. What it will be told here is about North Sumatera tradition. One of the traditions there is about North Sumatera rituality. The rituality in Sumatera is a sacred and religious ceremony, especially for Batak ethnic. Since the religion had not influenced yet, Batak had always done many kinds of rituality. From the pregnancy phase until the death, people there always hold the rituality. Each process and method in is different, but one of the tools that are always used is called Ulos. However, today, the Batak rituality can be found only in some places where the tradition there is still defense.


The first North Sumatera rituality is started with pregnancy rituality. Actually, almost all of process and methods in pregnancy rituality is same in all places in Sumatera Island. This rituality has high value for Batak Toba ethnic in their life. The pregnancy rituality is called with different name in different places, although the meaning is same; it is called Mangganje, Manghare, Mardahan, and Taor. The ingredients in this ritual have the religious meaning and wishes to Mula Jadi na Bolon (the spirit which exists there) in order to hope all of the spirits can be kind-hearted to them, and gives the blessings for Si Serep Ina (the spirit same as Mula Jadi na Bolon) and for the baby. Therefore, the evil spirit will not disrupt the baby and the mother.


After passing the pregnancy phase, it is time to bear the baby. Then, the second step is birth rituality, it is called Mangharaon rituality. In North Sumatera rituality, when mother has already born the baby, the father should drop a big wood immediately from the roof house into the yard and cut it (Manaha Saganon). The wood will be burn in the Tataring (furnace). The sound from that wood in furnace is like a signal to announce the people about the birth of baby. After that ritual, a hard situation comes, it is called Roburobuan, and it makes many people there to gather in the house of the baby. In this situation, people should gather for a week there when the night comes. This kind of North Sumatera rituality purposes to protect the baby from the evil spirits which want to steal the new baby born.

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