Lampung – the Transmigration Destination of Indonesia


Areas in Indonesia are available for people. However, people in Indonesia tend to focus themselves on major cities such as Bandung, Surabaya, and Yogyakarta whose location is in Java. This is basically quite problematic because many places in other islands are just worthy to be explored. Lampung is one great area that should not be neglected. It is due to the fact that it is an early transmigration destination for depopulating citizens in crowded areas including those three provinces. As broad information, Lampung is in different island from Java since it is located in Sumatra. However, the distance from central government is considerably near. The effect is received quite noticeably since this city is growing quickly.

We all know that it is not easy to cross a boundary even if it is only a strait. That is to say that it is expected that the citizens in Lampung is mostly indigenous Sumatran. However, the reality is just not like that. More than 75% of propel are, instead, coming from Java, Madura, and Bali. As transmigration destination, it is not shocking that it happened. However, it is just intriguing on why Balinese people are also involved in expanding and developing Lampung. The answer lies on its geographic condition. Its geographic condition is quite nice for growing some plants. Moreover, due to the policy of land cultivation, it opens a great opportunity to make massive business in agriculture. Some nice products that can be obtained are coffee beans, coconuts, and cloves.

For those who are visiting this transmigration destination, it is recommended to take a look at textile work. People in Lampung have great art work in terms of weaving. Colorful fabrics and yarns are used for completing the work, and it is usually completed with characterized finishing. Some excellent producers come from people in Krui, Paminggir, and Pesisir. All of them are still part of Lampung. The textile production is only one of creative craftsmanship provided. They are still more.

In addition to just textile destination, there is another interesting place to visit. Known as Way Kambas, it offers elephant attraction. Some of them may not do anything, yet some others have been taught to behave accordingly. As transmigration destination, Lampung does not obtain its major income through agriculture. Instead, tourism is contributes to the most income governments obtain. It is recorded that more than 10,000 foreign people visit this place while it is not uncountable for locals.


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