Ngaben Ceremony of Bali



If we talk about Indonesia, most of you must be automatically remember about Bali; one of the exotics provinces that exist in Indonesia. As we all now, Bali seems an icon of touring place of Indonesia. Bali is one of the reasons why tourists love to come to Indonesia. However, there are many things about Bali that interest the tourist. One of the things in Bali is the culture and the ceremonies that until now is still hold continuously. The ngaben ceremony is one of the cultural ceremonies that hold several times every year. If you love Bali, you must be familiar with this ceremony.


As the ceremony that be hold with purposes, so do with ngaben. On Bali, this ceremony is one of the often hold ceremony beside the religion ceremony and continual ceremony for asking safety and forgiveness. Ngaben ceremony is hold to give the last respect of the live people for the dead people. Commonly this ceremony is hold by the family of the people who passed away. In Bali, there is a different way to treat the death person. Well, actually each country, each religion and culture has their own way to treat the remains of death people. So do with Balinese society.


In Bali, if there is people who just passed away, he or she will be put in tomb after be cleaned and dressed as he or she should be ( just like the way Moslem do ) only, there is the difference. After 6 months, the remain will be re take from the tomb, and this is when ngaben ceremony is held. The ceremony consists of several parts start from the retaking remain from the tomb, treat it and bring it to the main ceremony place. The main ceremony is about the procession of Balinese giving the last tribute for the remain by put them on fire.


Before the remain be put on fire, the people put them on the kind of pirates or something which was built in the form of animal or symbol of something, and the end of the procession, the pirate with the remain in it be set on fire. This ending procession is called purify. The purpose of burn the remain is for purifying them to be pure just like when they came to this world for the first time. In ngaben ceremony there should be no tears because they believe that this ceremony will make the death people happy and it will deliver them to the better place before they be re born to this world.


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