Something about Nice Points of Interest in Bandung

Gedung Sate Bandung

Gedung Sate Bandung

Something about Nice Points of Interest in Bandung – Bandung city is a great region in Indonesia. It is even recognized as the third biggest city in Indonesia, and there should be some places to explore. For those who do not know exactly Bandung is, it is located near Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. It is actually not that near since it takes 4 to 5 hours to reach this city from Jakarta using private vehicle. Bandung is actually quite nice city to live in. even though there are several problems just like other regions have, it is still a recommended place to live and work. Moreover, the weather condition in Bandung is slightly better. It is comforting, and less suffocating than the nearby city. As a great city in Indonesia, there are several points of interest in Bandung that should be recognized.

It is quite risky to mention this, but Tangkuban Perahu is a great place to visit. This place is too common to visit. There is nothing special for Indonesians since this mountain has been introduced since kids. Regardless of that fact, this site is a mandatory for first-time adventurer. The view is absolutely amazing. Naturally crafted crater is widely open for enjoyment. Exquisite lava coming in green and yellow are blending together creating a brand-new painting from the sightseer. Bearable cool weather accompanies those visitors enjoying one of points of interest in Bandung. This is still an awesome site to visit.

Located in West Java, Bandung consists of many Sundanese People. Some may think that they are old-fashioned people, and they are dead wrong. The people are absolutely futuristic, and it is proven by the way they visit futuristic site known as Trans Studio Bandung. As one of points of interest in Bandung, it offers massive amusement park. It is not ordinary amusement park since rides are in one huge building. This place offers both futuristic and traditional presentation, and the visitors’ satisfaction is guaranteed.

Reaching to the other points of interest in Bandung, there is a place known as De’Ranch Lembang. This place is near from Tangkuban Perahu. Many services are offered here, and one of them is absolutely riding the real horse. Moreover, those who are visiting this place are obliged to wear western cowboy uniform. Some may not look real as Indonesian signature is imbued in the outfit. Regardless of the uniform, the play is enjoyable and fantastic. Asking fellow friends to come along will be nice especially for competing in some other games provided.

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