Old Semarang City in Modern Cover


There are many cities that flourished after independence. Before being recognized, they are usually only a village having little income without enough resource to expand. However, as time passes those village becomes into a city. Slow but sure, the small city becomes bigger, and famous. Such timeline is quite common to happen, and it is also applicable to Semarang. However, Semarang has been recognized from quite long time ago. The reason is merely because of its geographic location. Located nearby the sea, as one transportation node for trading, Semarang really has leading opportunity to develop compared to other deeper areas back then. Though considered developed, old Semarang city is actually a good name representing Semarang.

The reason behind that is due to the fact that Semarang is quite old city. Officially announced in 1547 of May 2nd, Semarang is now actually 468 years old. Such number is absolutely amazing, and few people know this information. Old Semarang city is currently not that old. It is because the people, culture, and technology used are not old-fashioned. Everything has been designed to prepare the free trade between other counties in Asia. Related to its age, it is actually positioned after Palembang, Magelang, and Jakarta. Those other cities are also old, and they are also covered in modern culture.

Considering about old city, one will think about the culture condition in Semarang. Consisting of Javanese people living in this moderate city, people still respect their Javanese culture. One way of their preservation is through language which is still used by many people especially elders. Some may think that the language and the culture will blend or disappear because of foreign cultural exposure. However, it will take a quite a great effort before completely eliminating cultural value in old Semarang city. This city is absolutely worth to visit because of its cultural value. However, it is better to take a look at its transportation node.

There is Achmad Yani airport which is quite dependable for tourists or local people finding their way into Semarang. Easy access from and to this airport also contributes to satisfaction in exploring Semarang. One comfortable transportation node is taxi, and it is available almost anywhere. It is also easy to call them by phone. With comfortable transportation nodes, it is quite easy to explore this old Semarang city. Exploring area near well-known campus: Semarang State University is more comfortable when using bike. This city is absolutely quite nice for being explored.

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