Padang as Lovely City in Indonesia

Visiting Indonesia is great especially when considering the dynamic and variety in every single corner of cities. Typically people will concentrate on locations or areas in java since it is near from central government. However, there are still other cool areas outside java which are worth to be recognized. Padang is actually the city. Even though people mostly recognize this city through its cuisine, actually Padang is quite interesting city to explore. Located in Sumatra, Padang as lovely city holds its title as the biggest city in western coast of Sumatra. Located nearby the sea, it is expected that the trade is the main economic sector. This city is developed which is proven by population increase. Currently, there is supposed to be a million people live in this area.


Historically, Padang as lovely city was just a village consisting many fishermen hunting fish and other sea animals manually. It was just quite traditional until VOC took over. This area was transformed into a main harbor providing a site for trading. With such great experience in business and also fighting unjust policy from Dutch colony, Padang developed to be a city with higher per-capita income in West Sumatra. There is also another interesting story happening in this area. It is the story of Malin Kundang and Siti Nurbaya. Both stories are quite famous among children in Indonesia, and it is recommended to read them for those who have not known.

Related to physical appearance of this city, Padang still has more than 50% green area. It means there are still a plenty of forest for providing better weather condition in Indonesia. The position of buildings in Padang as lovely city is also unique. The city seems to face Indian Ocean and it is surrounded by Bukit Barinas Mountains. Going closer to individual building, the building is quite representative towards the real philosophy of Minangkabau people. Traditional architecture in the form of Gonjong – reversed curve rooftop – is what they believe as symbol representing their culture.

Considering many places are beautiful, the government tries so hard to make Padang as tourism destination. Many places can be visited starting from Adityawarman Museum to Teluk Bayur Harbor, Sikuai Island, and Carolina Beach. All of those sites are only available in Padang, and those places are definitely wonderful. Padang as lovely city is absolutely beautiful and attracting. The natural beauty of environment is not distorted with the development of city. It is definitely a recommended city to visit.


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