Raditya Dika’s Bioghraphy and Books



Dika Angkasaputra Moerwani or also called as Raditya Dika, is one of an Indonesian young writers. His speciality is making humorous books based on his daily activity or his diary. A man who is familiarly called by Radith was born on 28 December 1984 in Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia. He strated his first writing on his blog (www.kambingjantan.com, now it becomes www.radityadika.com), then it was published. The first book which tells about his life is under the title of “Kambing Jantan : Sebuah Catatan Harian Pelajar Bodoh” (Billy Goat : A Note About the Daily Activity of Foolish Student) was published in 2005 and it achieved the best seller books.


“Kambing Jantan” is a book which tells about Raditya Dika‘s life when he studied in Australia; the story about the Indonesian student who studies abroad. This book genre is categorized as a new book genre. At the first time he launched his first book, there were rarely to find a comedy genre book especially which tells about personal life. Radith second book is titled “Cinta Brontosaurus” (Brontosaurus Love) released on 2006. The second book uses the short story format which tells about the unsuccessful experience of Radith love story. The third book is titled “Radikus Makankakus : Bukan Binatang Biasa” (Radikus Makankakus : The Unusual Animal) which was published on 29 August 2009. The third book tells about the experience of Radith when he became a Monas Clown in a day, taught tutoring, had mistaken as the ghost of toilet watchman, and even about the story of NTB people’s curse. Raditya Dika‘s fourth book is titled “Babi Ngesot : Datang Tak Diundang Pulang Tak Berkutang” (Shuffled-Pig : Coming Without Invitation, Going Without Wearing Brassiere) which was published on April 2008.


Radith achieved the best blog award of The Online Award from Indosat. Because of that, he was inspired to print out his own writing from the blog and put up his manuscript in some publisher companies to be published as a book. After receiving some refusal, finally there was a publisher company, Gagasmedia, which accepted his manuscript although he should present his manuscript first. Raditya Dika is successful as a writer because his writing is out from the common method of book style. His book appeared with the fresh style of new book genre. He always uses the animal name in every title of his book; from the first book until the latest book, he used the animal name as the main contain of the title.



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