Ruwatan for Bajang in Dieng



Have you ever heard about Dieng? One of the very beautiful village in Indonesia that is located in Wonosobo, central java, Indonesia. If you love to go to somewhere relaxing with the beautiful scenery of hills and the kindness of the society, we beg that you will fall in love with this village. No, today we are not going to talk about Dieng and the atmosphere there. Instead, we are going to talk about the culture that born many kinds of ceremonies. One of the ceremonies is “Ruwatan”. Beside the beautiful place, this ceremony becomes the interesting point that Dieng should be visited by the tourist.


Well, before we talk about ruwat ceremony. It is better if we introduce you with bocahbajang or in English can be translated as BAJANG KIDS. They are children who never cut their hair since they were born up to now. In Dieng, bocahbajang be believed as a family of dewa. They believe that they have to treat them special unlike they treat the ordinary children. One of the proof that people treat the bajang differently is by held a very big ceremony when the time to cut their hair is coming and the ceremony is called as RUWATAN.


Yes, since very long time ago, ruwatan becomes tradition that keep exist until now. That is because, there are still many bajangs that born in Dieng. When the time for cut their hair is coming, the parent of bajang ask whether that child want something to buy. The things can be anything. Sometimes they ask for livestock such as lamb, cow and buffalo. Some other time they ask something common like bicycle, motor cycle and something like that. Well, before the ruwatanday, the parents should make their wish come true. Whatever they want the parent should accept it, anything.


However, tradition is tradition right? People who believe it should follow it by the way viagra 100mg. Well the ruwatanitself is actually the ceremony of cutting hair procession. Inside it, there are many events that are very entertaining the people and tourist. In Dieng itself, this ceremony be hold once a year. So all of the bajang being ruwat together in the very big event. Even, that event is called DCF or Dieng Culture Festival. If you are interesting, you can visit this beautiful village around july up to august and you can see this precious tradition.

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