Sintren in Central java, Indonesia

Indonesia has so many provinces. Each province have many kinds of cultures, arts and languages. One of the provinces in Indonesia that is known for the variety of culture is central java; one of the provinces that located in java, java is the skinniest island in Indonesia. The Javanese culture has so many outputs that are for celebration, ceremony, shows and many more. One of the Javanese shows is sintren. That is a show that performs a lady that be put in the chicken coop alone with no one accompany her for the certain time duration and then, she will give the audience surprise.


What is the surprise ?well, you have to know that before she comes into the chicken coop, she wore the ordinary clothes with no makeup on her face and also not bringing any make up or make up tools at all. She enters the chicken coop with the bare foot and bare hands. Somehow, inside the chicken coop which is definitely small, she dresses herself with just – she – knows – how. In that short duration of the time, she will out with the beautiful Javanese traditional dress, complete with makeup and the other things on her. Anyway, that lady is who so called the sintren.


Most of Javanese people believe that the thing that helps that lady is not human since she is there alone. It is not also herself since she brings nothing. So, there is something like so called the supra natural creature or we more familiar with ghost who dresses her up and put the make up on her, do her hair. With this magically performance, sintrenalways be favored by the Javanese society whenever there is this performance be hold, there will be a lots of audience watch it. With this enthusiasm, this cultural performance should be still exist until now.


After the lady dressing up, she comes out from the small and covered coop. she will dance with the Javanese dance and there will be gamelan ( some instruments that be played during the show ) will be played soon following the lady. And then, sintren will start to sing. While she is singing, she will dance around along the audience. Sometimes, she will take an audience to dance with her using her shawl. The person that be taken commonly having some money on his hand and he is going to give it to the lady.


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