Songket Clothing from Palembang

Some regions in Indonesia are quite well-known for their unique creation. Palembang is not exception. This area is regarded as a starting point of songket clothing development. Before moving further, it is important to know several things about songket. Basically it is a hand-woven fabric which is made of silk or cotton. However, there is additional insertion to make the fabric awesome. The insertion is from gold or silver thread. Some people say that this idea was originated from Indian and China. While Indian introduced silver and gold fabric, china introduced that exclusive, soft, and comfortable silk. Both of them were then combined to make another fabric which is known as songket clothing.

Before being created into songket clothing, there are some complicated processes that should be taken. The most fundamental one is absolutely the way the threads are woven together. In order to make a sheet of songket, it requires weeks or even months. Depending complexity, size of the fabric, and the design, songket can also be created within 2 – 3 days. The result of weaving is completely amazing. The fabric reflects light very well, and it creates gleaming, sparkling, and shimmering view. In addition, its basic design also contributes to elegance of the wearer.

Songket comes in various motifs. Songket clothing in Palembang comes in hundreds of models. However, only 22 of them are registered as originated from Palembang. The other models are at dispute whether they are from other regions surrounding this area. Some motifs that can be found are mostly based on basic shapes such as rectangle, circle, and lines. They are intricately composed, thus creating perfect harmony. The complexity comes when there are details in the fabric for creating 3D effect viagra prix maroc. This also contributes to the way songket appears.

Another model of Palembang songket is identifiable through object-based weaving. Typically the objects refer to foods, fruits, or snacks that the King loved to consume. Some objects are realistically inserted in the model while some others are simplified. The simplification makes the object look awkward, yet it is intriguing if seen without prior knowledge of reference. This exclusive clothing is only available in Palembang. However, anyone can purchase this item easily through online shops. Each model is priced differently. The cheapest one is rated at $5 – $10. Meanwhile, the regular or luxurious version is rated at $100 – $500. The difference in price is very significant, and it actually reflects to the real quality of the fabric.

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