Sriwijaya Land in Sumatra, Palembang

There are some nice cities that can be visited in Indonesia. Big cities are always intriguing to visit since there are supposed to be many things offered. Typically big cities are referred to those located in Java and Bali. However, other island in Indonesia known as Sumatra is definitely also worth to consider. Looking back at history, this city is known as Sriwijaya Land. The reason is because there was a great Malay Kingdom named Sriwijaya. Its title is then derived from its history. There is also another name describing this city known as Venice of the East. Such nickname is given by western people because of the beauty and excellence of city surrounded by freshly flowing river. However, it is barely seen anymore because of city development.


Palembang is actually located in the middle of Sumatra main land. It is considerably different from Venice which is located just off shore. However, there are several huge rivers passing through this city, and it makes the city live. Moreover, modern development coming in the Sriwijaya Land is quite dramatic. This big city is now accessible by many transportation nodes such as airplane, ship, and other land transportations. They are quite helpful and dependable. However, the airport level is not considered as international, hence only local flight that can reach this city.

Just a brief information about weather condition in this area, it is actually quite similar to other tropical area. The temperature is about 73F up to 87F. However, the maximum temperature increases slightly every single year because of global warming. Moreover, due to pollution, the city seems hotter than it is supposed to be. However, it is actually a common thing to happen in many other countries in the world. Regardless of the weather condition in Sriwijaya Land, this city is great site for tourism. There are many special places to visit that will not be disappointing.

First of all is Musi River. This river is long, and is noted as longest river in Sumatra. This river has helped people of Sumatra to improve their economic level. In addition to Musi River, there is Ampera Bridge connecting both edges of Musi River. This bridge does not look special in afternoon, but its brilliance shows at night. This is also a great and unforgettable photography object. There are also other places related to education and entertainment center to visit in this big city. It is recommended to visit Sriwijaya land due to its amazing feature.


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