The Early Career of Agnez Mo



Agnez Mo is an Indonesian singer, actress, and dancer. Her real name is Agnes Monica Muljoto who was born on 1 July 1986 in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. The name which she is used now is her stage name. Agnez was born to a Chinese ancestry Yang Family; she has her own Chinese name, it is Yáng Shī Màn. Her father’s name is Ricky Muljoto who is a former of basketball player and her mother’s name is Jenny Siswono who is a former of tennis player. She is the youngest child in two siblings. Her older brother’s name is Steve Muljoto who is her management. When she was a child, she studied in Tarakanita elementary school and in Pelita Harapan junior high school.


Agnez Mo started her career in industry of Indonesia in 1992 when she was in six years old as a child singer. She became a presenter in some children’s television programs, such as Tralala-Trilili on RCTI, Diva Romeo on Trans TV, and Video Anak Anteve on ANTV, and also released her first three children’s albums; it is Si Meong, Yess!!, and Bala-Bala. After her successful career on music industry, she became an actress in some television programs, and achieved the Panasonic Awards victory in 1999 and 2000 for the category of “Most Favorite Presenters of Children’s Program” of Tralala-Trilili program.


Agnez Mo started to act as a teenager by playing two roles in the soap opera; they are Mr. Hologram and Lupus Millenia in 1999. A next year later, she starred one of television series programs, “Pernikahan Dini” which was transformed her image in her career from a little actress became a teenager actress. This television production got a good respond from audience and made her achieved her trophy awards for the category of “Favorite Actress” in 2001 and 2002 Panasonic Awards and also got the trophy from 2002 SCTV Awards as the “Famous Actress”. In 2002, Agnes also starred three soap operas; it is Ciuman Pertama, Kejar Daku Kau Ku Tangkap, and Amanda. Because of her achievement, she became the highest-paid of teenager actress in Indonesia.


In her teenager life, she recorded several songs included “Seputih Hati” and “Pernikahan Dini” as the soundtrack of her film, Pernikahan Dini, which both of them is in the album with the name of “Love Theme” in 2001. The next year, Agnez Mo had a good collaboration with the senior singer, Yana Julio, in the album “Jumpa Lagi” for singing “Awan dan Ombak”.



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