The Female Badminton Player, Susi Susanti



Some people sure still remember when watching Susi Susanti at Barcelona Summer Olympics received Indonesia’s first gold medal in 1992. The tears fell down in her face while she achieved it and the Indonesia anthem played there. It is such a historical moment for Indonesian athlete, especially for Susi. Looking back, Susi was trying very hard to achieve her goal as the athlete; she sacrificed many things to get the success in reaching her dream. After secondary school, she should leave her precious family where she was born in Tasikmalaya, West Java, to live in the dormitory and enroll the special school for athlete.


She said that she was not good in social relationship with others because she only has athlete friends in most of her life. It is no wondering that then she married with Alan Budikusuma who is also an Olympic gold medalist at Barcelona in the badminton category. As an athlete, Susi Susanti had the training schedule which was extremely packed. She would train from 7 until 11 in the morning, and from 3 in the afternoon until 7 in the evening, for every six days in a week, from Monday until Saturday. She had to follow her own rules such as when she should sleep, what she should eat and not to eat, and what she should wear. She was not permitted to wear high-heeled shoes to prevent the ankle injuries. Shopping or watching movies in the cinema only could be done in Sunday, but she often tired to do those things and prefer to rest on Sunday rather than went out.


In order to reach her dream to be a world champion, Susi Susanti totally understood that she should focus with her training and left out many things that people non-athletes could enjoy. Susi said that it is impossible to become a badminton world championship if you do not focus in it both of your heart and your mind. She even left out her tertiary education because she could not focus on training while she should study for her exams. However, she has no regrets about it; she regarded it as the contribution of her country while she also reached her goal. Susi Susanti‘s gold medal in Barcelona Summer Olympics was the pinnacle of her contribution for Indonesia in sport aspect. She lifted up the name of Indonesia in numerous times throughout Susi’s greatest career as the female badminton player.

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