The Information of Chrismansyah Rahardi’s Profile Career

In Chrismansyah Rahardi’s profile, he is more known as Christian Rahadi or Chrisye. He was born in 16 September 1949 in Jakarta, Indonesia. He was an Indonesian songwriter and progressive pop singer. He had career as a musician for about 40 years, and since that time he won many awards in his life. In 2011, Rolling Stone Indonesia titled him as the greatest Indonesian musician for all the time. He was a mixed of Chinese-Indonesian descent. Chrisye had interested in music in the early age. He started his musical career in 1968 when he joined the word tone formation as a base, it was the beginning when he became an active pioneer. In the year around 1968 and 1969, he joined a group band which was in the style of Gipsy Band with KeenanNasution, Zulham Nasution, Gauri Nasution, Tami, and Onan. Together with this group, he entertained the New York people. Unfortunately, the group was not long last and he returned to the Indonesia.

In 1976, Chrisye collaborated with Guruh Sukarnoputra and Gipsy to record the indie album named Guruh Gipsy. In 1977, he recorded two albums which became the most critically acclaimed works titled Lilin-Lilin Kecil and Badai Pasti Berlalu. Then, those songs became his signature songs. His success songs led him to record in a contract with Musica Studios. There, in 1978, he released his first solo album, it was Sabda Alam. He almost worked in Musica Studios for about 25 years and recorded eighteen albums. In 1980, he became an actor in a film, Seindah Rembulan. Chrisye died in Jakarta, in his home on 30 March 2007 after having lung cancer in a long time. After one hundred days in Chrisye death, Musica released the two compilation albums by the title of Chrisye in Memoriam – Everlasting Hits and Chrisye in Memoriam – Greatest Hits. They contained with fourteen hits from his albums ranging from Sabda Alam until Senyawa.

Known from his smooth vocals and stiff stage persona, Chrisye was acclaimed critically in Indonesia. Five albums that he contributed were became the part of the 150 Best Indonesian Albums of All Time in the list of Rolling Stone Indonesia. Four of his songs were claimed as the part of the best Indonesian songs in all the time in the later issue of the same magazine. Some of his albums get the silver and gold certification. Since his lifetime, he received two achievement awards; one is in 1993 from the BASF Awards and the other one is in 2007 from SCTV, an Indonesian television station.

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