The Tradition in Indramayu Culture

Indramayu is a district and also city where is located in West Java, Indonesia. Most of Indonesia people still believe about the ritual and traditional culture of hereditary. The tradition culture with society cannot be separated. In some places, the special tradition of Indramayu culture is still held to dedicate for their native ancestors. The tradition which still can be found in Indramayu society is Nadran, Ngarot Cultural Ceremony, Mapag Tamba, Mapag Sri, and Sedekah Bumi.


Nadran is a cultural ceremony to give thanks to the God for being good by giving the inhabitant there so many fish capture. By holding nadran, people show their thankfulness and hope that in the next year they will get fish capture much more and many other sea animals which can be useful for their daily life. This nadran Indramayu culture also means that people pray to the God for the better life and protecting them from many dangers while sailing in the sea. This ceremony is commonly held in between October to December. The location is in Eretan beach, Karangong, Dadap, Bugel, Limbangan Gayem, and Ujung Gebang.


Ngarot cultural ceremony is one of Indramayu culture in Lelea village when the cultivating season comes. It is also called Kasinoman. This ceremony had become a tradition since in 16 century up til now. Holding Ngarot cultural ceremony means that people pray to the God for giving them many farm produces. The ceremony is held on Wednesday, the fourth week in November. It is celebrated with the youngsters who wear traditional custom completely with many glittering accessories.


Sedekah Bumi is a praying ceremony from the farmers when the rainy season will come. It is usually done in the beginning of rainy season, around October to December. The process is started with gethering people in a place, they pray together there, and then it is continued with the other cultural ceremony.


Mapag Tamba and Mapag Sri are also one kind of Indramayu culture. However, they have different function and aspect in society. Mapag Tamba is a ritual ceremony in order to be evaded from many diseases. The process method starts with bringing the waters of spring or from the palace in bamboo tube to be combined with the water which is used to water the field in the village periphery. Unlike Mapag Tamba, Mapag Sri is a ceremony to give thanks to the God because of the coming of reaping time. This ceremony is celebrated with presenting the Wayang Kulit pop art in full day and usually it is in village hall.



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