The Unique Makassar of Indonesia


Every single place in Indonesia is interesting, it is also applicable to Makassar. Typically cities outside java are not quite famous since it is far from central government. However, this city is considerably well-known for both Indonesians and foreigners. Located in a strategic place nearby the sea, northern direction from java, transportation means is absolutely dependable. It is easy to transport goods from this city to central city in Indonesia and to other countries. This city is absolutely great for expanding business, and that is why this city is growing rapidly. The unique Makassar is definitely worthy destination for business purpose, yet there are still some other facilities provided in this city.

The starting point causing Makassar a great city for business was in sixteenth century. This city was great contributor in trading especially for eastern area. The western area filled with traders is Aceh while the Makassar was dominant market center back then. The policy imposed by the King of Makassar also contributed to its performance in business. The market was not monopolized even though the Dutch insisted forcefully. The free trade happening in this area contributes to the development of this area. Currently trade does not contribute to economic condition in Unique Makassar. Instead service sector contributes greatly as it takes 70% of revenue. The trade currently only supports economic condition in Makassar for about 15%.

What makes unique Makassar very unique is massive fishing center. Fishing has been habit for people in Makassar and it is actually once a great exploration performed by citizens. People in Makassar met indigenous Australia through fishing, and the relationship was established since then. Working on sea is also quite important part of Makassar people’s life. The motto is even derived from this activity, and it shows struggle of fishermen who will not go back until it is time to return. This hard-working behavior also improves the way people in Makassar do the business. Therefore, there is no wonder why they are successful in their business.

Considering some areas in unique Makassar, there are many sites that can be visited. The class one is supposed to be Fort Rotterdam. This place is somehow breaking especially at night, but it is quite nice to see in the afternoon. The modern site that can be visited is Trans Studio Makassar. It is also similar to what Bandung has, and it is huge indoor theme park in Indonesia. With dependable transportation provided by the city, it is possible to reach those places without hassle.

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