Visit Tasikmalaya, the Clean City

Every city in Indonesia has its own motto for describing and promoting the city. Tasikmalaya is a city that promotes itself as clean city, and it actually can be proven through several things including the cleanliness and organization within this city. The development of this city is also recognizable. It is proven by promotion from government, and this small town becomes a city now. Looking at current situation, the economic condition in this city is also developed. It is recommended to visit Tasikmalaya since there are many things that can be obtained. Before going further, it is better to know that this city is a favorite place for investment. Investors are interested because development of this city is quite rapid if compared to surrounding areas.


Tasikmalaya is not only great with its economic condition. There are still other sectors that can be explored. One of them is absolutely tourism sector. What people think about other cities will always be a special place or event in particular area. It is also applicable to Tasikmalaya in which there is one special event conducted annually. One example of the show is known as Tasik Festival. The festival presents many excellences of Tasikmalaya in terms of productivity and creativity. Typically there will be embroidery art work shown to public. The beauty of embroidery is acceptable world-wide, and it is remarkably amazing. It becomes even more necessary to visit Tasikmalaya since there is also a culinary provided in this event.

Tasikmalaya has special delicious culinary that should be tasted when visiting this place. One of them is known as Mie Bakso Laksana. It is actually a bowl of noodle added with some ping-pong-sized meatballs. This food is absolutely worth to try because it is crafted without adding preserved seasoning. This noodle can be considered as healthy meal, and is recommended for those who visit Tasikmalaya. The price is considerably expensive for a noodle, yet it is absolutely worthy. Moreover, due its massive amount per serving, it is better to be prepared beforehand.

In addition to festival and culinary offered in Tasikmalaya, there are also some markets for purchasing some goods. There are two kinds of markets standing in Tasikmalaya. One of which is known as traditional market while the other is modern market. Both of them can be visited, and they are just comfortable to purchase massive stuffs at once. After knowing several interesting thing about Tasikmalaya, it is time to visit Tasikmalaya.


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