Best Mountain View in Bromo East Java

If you love to travel to see the beauty of the mountains, then you will need to visit Bromo East Java. This mount is located in Bromo Tengger Semeru national Park in East Java, Indonesia. With the nice mountains view and the refreshing atmosphere around the area, you can surely enjoy the beauty of the mountain from Mount Bromo. If you are asking what the other things that you can find in Bromo are, then here are some nice things that you might like from Mount Bromo.

The first one is of course the view of the area, especially early in the morning. If you are using the tour travel or other similar services, you will surely be awaken up around 2 am, every early in the morning. That is the beauty of Bromo East Java started around that time, the time when you have to drive in a jeep to go to the foot of the mountain and start your hiking to the top of Bromo. This is because you can only see the beautiful sunrise if you wake up early in the morning. If you think that you will be tired to walk around that time, you will not need to worry since you just need to step on the ladders leading you to the top of Bromo. That will be easier from walking in the free path on the mountain.

Another nice thing that you can find in Bromo is Segara Wedi. This place is known as the Whispering Sands since there was a movie that takes place in this place called Pasir Berbisik, which means the whispering sands. The Whispering Sands in Bromo East Java is considerably unique since basically nothing is whispering anything. The sound of the wind blowing the sands sounds like someone whispering something. That is why this 10 km area of sand is called the Whispering Sands.

If you are looking for something more traditional with a lot of cultural senses, then you will be glad to know that you can also find the Tengger tribes in here. They are the real tribe who own this area, but they welcome people very well. In fact, they usually do many ceremonies and rituals that are provided as the entertainment for the tourists of Bromo East Java. Therefore, you can see the rituals and ceremonies that they hold if you are coming there on the right time.



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