Brilliant Bj Habibie in Studies and Careers in Europe


Who do not know about Bj Habibie? Yes, he is the brilliant person who had been an Indonesian president in period May 21st 1998 until October 20 1999. Bj Habibie is the abbreviation from Bacharudding Jusuf Habibie who was born on June 25th 1936 in Parepare, South Sulawesi, Dutch East Indies. His occupation is engineer, politician and aviation industrialist who has been an Indonesian president. He is a Sunni Islam and his party is Golongan Karya (Creation Group Party) or we known as Golkar. The brilliant Bj Habibie was married Hasri Ainun Besari in 1962. Unfortunately his spouse was death in 2010 that gave two children. They are Ilham Akbar Habibie and Thareq Kemal Habibie.


He took study in Mechanical Engineering in Bandung Institute of Technology in 1954. Then, he continued his study aviation and aerospace in the University of Delt in Netherlands but because of the political reasons, he should continue his study in Aachen in Germany. In 1990, the brilliant Bj Habibie was pointed the Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering. He was received the degree of engineering in Germany and he got the title of Diplom-Ingenieur. He stayed in Germany as the research assistant and work under Hans Ebner in the Lehrstuhl und Institut fur Leichtbau, RWTH Aachen for conducting the research for his doctoral degree.


In 1962, he went back to Indonesia for three months. Then, the brilliant Bj Habibie married Hasri Ainun who was known by him since childhood, junior high school also in the senior high school in SMA-Kristen in Bandung. They were returning to the Germany shortly afterwards. They lived in Aachen for a short time before they were moving into Oberforstbach. In the next following years, in 1963, they had first son is Ilham Akbar Habibie.


After that, he had to find another part-time job to fulfill their daily necessary and they had worked on two projects that received the funding from Deutsche Bundesbahn. In the three years later, he was refused a job from head of the train construction. Many jobs and researches that he done while he was in Europe because he wanted to make his own country going forward like the other countries. He worked and studied very hard to achieve his dream. Then, he went back to Indonesia in 1998 and became the president of Indonesia after Suharto had resigned. The brilliant Bj Habibie has become one of the inspired engineering people in Indonesia.

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