Career of Actress Widyawati


Do you know who an actress Widyawati is? Well, she is an Indonesian actress who was born on July 12th 1950 that has been active since 1967 in starring the film, drama, or even advertisement until right now and now she is now 65 years old. She was married Sophan Sophian who is an Indonesian actor too on July 9th 1972 in Al-Azhar Mosque. They have two children with the name is Roma and Romi. In 2008, she is being the widow of his spouse after they have appeared the opposite character in film Indonesia, Love, in 2008 that marked as her spouse last role.


The actress Widyawati had been famous after she had starring the Pengantin Remaja (Young Bride and Groom) together with her spouse as the main couple in the film in 1971. Her career has been shiny in film field and it leaded her to get the achievement from Piala Citra FFI (Festival Film Indonesia) or Citra FFI Awards for category of the best actress in film Arini, Masih Ada Kereta yang Akan Lewat (Arini, Still Have another Train Passed).


Because of she was starring film from the young age, the actress Widyawati still show the existence of her role until nowadays. She was starring many famous Indonesian film such as Young Bride and Groom in the 1971, Rindu (Miss) in 1973, Romi dan Juli (Romi and Juli) in 1974, Antara Surga dan Neraka (Between Heaven and Hell) in 1976, Arini, Still Have another Train Passed in 1987, Love in 2008, Di Bawah Lindungan Ka’bah (Under the Ka’bah Protection) in 2011 and the last film is Rectoverso in 2013. Not only about the film, she was also starring some famous dramas like Sangkuriang, Cincin (Ring), Catatan Hati Seorang Istri (The Wife’s Heart Expression), and many more.


She also was starring some famous advertisements like Sabun Lux (Lux Soap), Pantene, Teh Sosro (Sosro Tea), Natur-E, and friends. She also got another award like The Best of Assistant Actress in FFI Awards with the film One Way Ticket, Semoga Kau Kembali (I Wish You Back), The Best Laudable Assistant Actress in Bandung Film Festival 2010 with the film Perempuan Berkalung Sorban (Woman in Turban Necklace), and The Best Assistant Actress in Asia Pacific Film Festival 2010 with film Woman in Turban Necklace. The actress Widyawati also got some of nominations in different categories with the different films in FFI awards.

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