Cut Nyak Dien – The Woman with The True Hero’s Heart

Cut Nyak Dien – Indonesia is one of the Asian Countries which colonized by the Dutch. Indonesia experienced the colonial period long enough almost 300 years. There were almost all of the Indonesia areas colonized and all of the residents were forced to comply with the regulations made by the Dutch. These conditions absolutely make all of the citizens suffered. Princess Cut Nyak Dien, Born in Lampadang, Aceh 1848 was a princess from Aceh Kingdom. She is Teuku Nanta Seutia’s daughter.

As a high born, Princess Cut Nyak Dien was educated with so many lessons and attitude from her family. In 12th years old, she was married by the man who named Teuku Ibrahim Lamnga. Not long after that, The Dutch came to Aceh and attacked some areas in Aceh. Teuku Ibrahim Lamnga then came in to the war and tried to defeat the Dutch to safe his citizens. Unfortunately, Teuku Ibrahim Lamnga was killed. Of course, Cut Nyak Dien felt so sad about this. Not long after that, Cut Nyak Dien then proposed and married by the other man, Teuku Umar.

Teuku Umar was her husband who allowed Princess Cut Nyak Dien to join to offense the Dutch. But, Teuku Umar did not use the common tactics to do the offense. On 30th September 1893, Teuku Umar and his 250 troops went to Kutaraja and “surrendered” to the Netherlands. The Netherlands was very pleased that a dangerous enemy willing to help them, so they gave Teuku Umar title Teuku Umar Johan Pahlawan and made commander of the Dutch army unit with full powers. Teuku Umar conceal a scheme to defraud the Netherlands, even though he was accused of being a traitor by the people of Aceh.

After Teuku Umar got some weapons from the Holland, he gone and never went back to the Holland. He was betrayed the Holland. Based on this situation, Holland was making an army to look for Teuku Umar and Princess Cut Nyak Dien. On 11th February 1899, The Dutch army found Teuku Umar and got the information of the Teuku Umar’s tactics to defeat Meulaboh area. Teuku Umar was killed on that day. This situation of course made Cut Nyak Dien angry and hated the Dutch. Unfortunately, her struggled was end because she was arrested and exiled to Sumedang. On 6th November 1908, she was died caused by the illness. She was the symbol of the strength woman who had the true hero’s heart.

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