Filmography of Famous Roy Marten


Have you heard the stage name of Roy Marten? Well, he is an Indonesian actor who was born on March 1st 1952 in Salatiga, Central Java. The famous Roy Marten has the real name is Wicaksono Abdul Salam. He was married Farida Sabtijastuti and the pair later divorced. Now, he is married Anna Maria Sofyana who is a model of Malay Indonesian Muslim and converted his religion into Christianity after marriage on April 1st 1985. Until now, he has six children and one of his famous children is Gading Marten who is also an Indonesian actor.


In 1974, the famous Roy Marten has begun his acting career with the “Bobby” film. He achieved the popularity from his starring role in film Cintaku di Kampus Biru (My Love on the Blue Campus) which was based on the novel created by Ashari Siregar in 1976. He was not just only acting for this film, he also was acting for the Kenangan Desember (December Memories) and Sesuatu Yang Indah (Something Beautiful) in the same year of 1976. He became the lead actor in the film Badai Pasti Berlalu (The Storm Will Surely Pass) by Teguh Karya in 1977 and became the notable roles for the time. He became one of the five actors who had paid in the highest rate by the end of 1970s. He is great, is not it?


In the same year of 1977, the famous Roy Marten also was acting for the Tinggal Bersama (Living Together), Kembang-kembang Plastik (Plastic Flowers), Aula Cinta (Hall of Love), Akibat Pergaulan Bebas (Results of Free Sex), Pengalaman Pertama (First Experience), Secercah Senyum (As Bright as a Smile), Kekasihku (My Dear), Christina, Kugapai CIntamu (I’m Reaching for Your Love), Guna-Guna Istri Muda (A Young Wife’s Spell), Jangan Menangis Mama (Don’t Cry, Mama).


Year by year passed, he was starring many films since 1974 until the last film in 2014. The famous Roy Marten had starring some famous films in his whole careers like The Storm Will Surely Pass in 1977 and Plastic Flowers, Kabut Sutra Ungu (Mist of Purple Silk) in 1980, Budak Nafsu (Slave to Lust) in 1983, Mengejar Mas-Mas (Chasing Men) in 2007, Cinta 7 Susun (Love 7 Flats) in 2013 and the last famous film was The Raid:2 Berandal (The Raid:2 Gangstar) in 2014. There were a lot of achievements that he got from starring some famous films in his life.

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