Funeral Ceremony, Rambu Solok Toraja

Majority people in Toraja, almost around 60 percent, still believe and do the tradition which is inherited from generation to generation. As the adherent of Aluk Todolo, people in Toraja know and still continue two big rituality in their life, they are the ceremony to show happiness called Rambu Tuka, and the ceremony to show the sadness called Rambu Solok. Rambu Solok Toraja is a ceremony which is existed because of the people belief about the indeterminacy the mystery of life after the death in order to make the sins is erased in the hereafter. Based on the people in Toraja, the precept of Aluk Todolo consists of the beliefs about the life in hereafter after the death.

In the first time, the Rambu Solok Toraja is a funeral ceremony which is very complicated and complex because inside the ceremony, it consists of seven steps. The steps are Rapasan, Barata Kendek, Todi Balang, Todi Rondon, Todi Sangoloi, Di Silli, and Todi Tanaan. Generally, the purpose of Rambu Solok ceremony is for the safety of ancestor spirits in the Puya world and for the prosperity and safety of people in the world. However, since the entrance of Kristen, Islam, and Catholic religion, some processions in the Rambu Solok ceremony were disappeared. Nowadays, there are four processions which are still used in this ceremony; they are Mapalao, Guest Acceptance, Buffalo Slaughter, and the Burial.

In teh procession of Rambu Solok Toraja, people use some traditional media including the traditional tool from Megalithic age such as menhir, lumpang batu, and karopik. According to its function, the kinds of it can be known which is used as the media worship to give the prosperity for the ancestors spirits in the hereafter life. The media consists of menhir banek, menhir simbuang, karopik, lumpang batu, and kandean dulang. Besides of that, many buffalos and pigs should be sacrificed and engaged many people and need a high amount of the costs.

The burial process of Toraja ethnic is on the top of the stone hill, and not in the ground like the other burial processes. It is related with the belief of spirits prosperity and safety in the Puya world which depends on the accomplishment of the condition in the traditional ceremony prix viagra 50 100 mg. For example like the steps in the ceremony, the supplies including the livestock gift and death supplies, and the other treatments for people after they died. It creates the belief that more challenging the ceremony process, the higher the family statues in the society.

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