Indonesian Canyon in Green Canyon West Java

If you love to explore a canyon, then you might want to try one of the best canyons in Indonesia. The place is called Green Canyon West Java. This place has one of the best canyons that you can find in Indonesia. That is because you can rarely find a canyon in Indonesia and after you have found one with the best view, you will surely need to go there.

This place is named after a French tourist came to this place and realized the beauty of this place and also the clearness of the water. Because of the clearness of the water, all of the mosses around the cliff and under the water can be clearly seen and reflected around Green Canyon West Java. That is the very beginning of the name of this Green Canyon. Even though the locals already have a name for this place, Cukang Taneuh, many other people know this people as the Green Canyon. In fact, this place is recently known as the main attraction that the locals have. As an addition, this place is also taken many attention from the local and international tourists.

For your consideration, this place is a little bit far from the village. That means, you will need to have some supplies that you might need while you are exploring the canyon. Even though you can find some stores on the front gate of the canyon, but you will not be able to find anything but the beauty of this canyon for some hours. Therefore, preparing some stocks that you really need is something important in Green Canyon West Java. As an addition to that, it will be better for you to learn a little bit about the climate in Indonesia, which only has two seasons. If you are going to explore Green Canyon, then you will need to do that after the rainy season or around March until May. That is because exploring the canyon during the rainy season or before the rainy season might not be as exciting as exploring the canyon after the rainy season.

If you are thinking about the budget that you need for the whole package, you will not need to worry. That is because you will only need about 100 to 200 dollars for the complete package in Green Canyon West Java that is offered by many tour biros around the area.


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