Kapitan Pattimura, The Patriot From Maluku

A great nation is a nation that respects heroes. If we heard about this statement, we will remember about the period when the colonials take some places to be colonized. One of the countries which colonized for long time is Indonesia. Talking about the Indonesian struggle to defeat the Dutch will always remind us about the national hero Kapitan Pattimura. Pattimura was born in Hualoy, South Seram, Maluku on 8th June 1783. There are so many sources that said the real name of Pattimura is Thomas Matulessy and some said that the name of him is Ahmad Lussy. He is one of so many national heroes that nere give up to defeat the Dutch till the day was came to stop his struggle on 16th Desember 1817.

Before conducting the fight against VOC, He had a career in the military as a former British army sergeant. The return of the Dutch in 1817 got a rejection from the Maluku’s people. This was due to political, economic, and social relationships that gone worst for two centuries. Maluku people finally rose up in arms under the leadership of Kapitan Pattimura. So when war broke out against the Dutch colonialists in 1817, Kings, the Kapitans, Elders and Indigenous people picked him up as a leader and warlord as experienced and his knight character.

As the leader, Pattimura made a good strategy to attack the Dutch and destroying the Colonial powers. There were so many wars won by The Pattimura and his troops. Some of the wars were the Wasisil and Jasirah war, Hatawano war, Jasirah Hitu war and many more. The troops and Pattimura was very great and could defeat so many Netherlands defense on Maluku. Confused how to fight Kapitan Pattimura, The Dutch made the strategy of Divide et Impera which means politics of divide and the Dutch burned some areas on Maluku.

Caused by these Dutch actions, Pattimura and some of his troops were arrested. He was arrested in Siri Sori Maluku and sentenced to death. Before he was sentenced, the Dutch offered Pattimura to join them. Absolutely, Pattimura refused to join with them. Kapitan Pattimura ended his fought against the Dutch on 16th Desember 1817. He was killed by the hanging sentence. He was hanged in front of the Victoria fortress. Pattimur is a great inspiration for the young generation to strive for progress of the nation and the state.

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