Life of Megawati Sukarnoputri


Many people know exactly who Megawati Sukarnoputri is because she is the only one female president of Indonesia in the 5th president of Indonesia period July 23rd 2001 until October 20th 2004. She also is the leader of Partai Demokrasi Indonesia-Perjuangan (Indonesian Democratic Party-Struggle) or we known as PDI-P, which is one of the largest of Indonesia political parties. Megawati is the short name from Diah Permata Megawati Setiawati Sukarnoputri who was born on January 23rd 1947in Yogyakarta Indonesia. Her parents are our first president who is Sukarno with his wife is Fatmawati. She is a second child from her parents and be the first daughter. She has three children who are Mohammad Rizki P, Mohammad Prananda and the last is Puan Maharani.


The first husband of Megawati Sukarnoputri is First Lieutenant Surendo Supjarso, but unfortunately in 1970 her spouse was dead because of the plane crash in Irian Jaya, Papua, Indonesia. Two years later, in 1972, she was married Hassan Gamal Ahmad Hassan who is a diplomat from Egypt but the marriage was cancelled shortly thereafter. Then, she got married Taufiq Kiemas who died in 2 years ago, in 2013. Puan was the child from her marriage with Taufiq.


Megawati Sukarnoputri has been the only one female president in Indonesia and the fourth woman lead the predominantly Muslim nation. She also becomes the first leader of Indonesia to be born after the proclaimed independence in Indonesia. After she was serving as the vice president in period October 26th 1999 until July 23rd 2001 with her mate is Abdurrahman Wahid, she became the president in the next period of July 23rd 2001 until October 20th 2004 when Wahid had removed from the office in 2001. Then, in 2004, she run for the next period president election but unfortunately, she was defeated by Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono or we usually call as SBY. The next period of president election also, she tried to sought to rematch with SBY in 2009 period, but she is losing the election again.


She was enrolled in Padjadjaran University in Bandung and she took to study agriculture but in 1967 she was dropped out with the following of her father’s fall. In 1970, her father died and she decided to go study psychology in University of Indonesia but after two years study, he was dropped out from that university. Now, Megawati Sukarnoputri is practicing Muslim but with the traditional Javanese beliefs.


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