Mitoni Ceremony; Javanese Baby Shower



It seems that there will be no ending if we talk about the cultures, habit and ceremonies that exist in java, or more specific in central java. There are lots of values inside the culture and all of theout put of it that we as the society can take from and apply as our daily life for the manner, attitude, the way we socialize and many more. There is one of the precious ceremony that exist in java, that is Mitoni ceremony. It is a ceremony that is hold with the purpose to ask the health, best luck and all the goodness for the unborn baby inside the womb of a woman.


As the name, which is mitoni, this ceremony be hold by a family who has a woman that is pregnant and turning the 7th months of her pregnancy. Mitoni means celebrating the 7th months. It came from mito or mitu, Javanese language to say seven. So mitoni ceremony is the traditional ceremony that exists in java for celebrating the pregnancy that is turning 7 months with the purpose to ask the health, luck and other safety and easiness when the women gives a birth. Inside the ceremony, there are many things Javanese people do. Every act, every do, every food they made for this ceremony has full of meaning.


Inside this ceremony, there are siraman, dandanan and angkreman. Also, there are many things or ritual offerings that be provided. All of that activities in the mitoni ceremony have the full of meaning that Javanese think really and really important for the mother and the baby inside the womb. For the example is siraman. This is one of the parts in ceremony, it means bath or shower. so, the woman who is pregnant be showered using water that are taken from the 7 different wells and mixed with the kembangsetaman or many kids of flowers. This is for purifying the mother and the baby to prepare them facing the birth day.


And the next part is dandanan. In English it means, dressing up. After be showered, the woman be dressed up to be beautiful. It is supposed that hopefully the un born baby will has a well looking and well – mannered as the beautiful face of the mother that be made up beautifully with make up. Mitoni ceremony still exists and be hold in Javanese society until now. With the good values there is no reason to leave this culture habit.

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