Seto Mulyadi, a Children Psychologist



Seto Mulyadi, or also called as Kak Seto, was born on 28 August 1951 in Klaten, Central Java, Indonesia. He is known as a children psychologist and a presenter in some kid’s television programs with Henny Purwonegoro. Moreover, he is also a leader of Children Protection Committee. He has a twin, Kresna Mulyadi, who is also a children psychologist in Surabaya, and an elder brother, Maruf Mulyadi. Kak Seto faced his sad time in losing his little brother because of measles when he was still a child. Kak Seto Mulyadi married with Deviana, which is far different in their age, and got four children, they are Eka Putri, Bimo, Shelomita, and Nindya Putri. He was chosen twice to become a secretary-general of National Children Protection Committee. Because of the education in the world of children right protection, it makes Kak Seto become more occupied among the people in national and international through the awards that he achieved. Some of the awards are “Peace Messenger Award” from secretary-general United Nations, Javier Perez, in New York in 1987, The Young Creator world level, Amsterdam in 1987, and also achieved Men’s Obsession Award in 2006.


Because of those awards that he achieved, he is usually looked for people who have some problems with their children or even the take-care right cases for husband and wife spouse who want to divorce, like the cases in the entertainment world around the actresses and actors. Kak Seto Mulyadi had ever come to the television programs and told everyone that he was feeling pity for the children condition in Indonesia especially for children who got the physical violence and forced to be unable to live with the normal condition.


One of the appreciation aspect for children that he shows to people is by building Trauma Center Pondok Ceria in Padang, Sumatera Barat, to give motivation for children who faced the earthquake of 7,6 Richter scale in that place. He said that the motivation is needed to be done sooner after the earthquake in order to make the children can recover from their trauma and can have normal life well. He always gives time to entertain and motivate children there. The reason why Kak Seto Mulyadi building it is because of whenever the earthquake happens, Padang is always in the most serious condition. He built the Trauma Center Pondok Ceria in two elementary schools, two nursing homes, and in other places in Pariaman.

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