Some Miracles to Find in Bantimurung National Park Sulawesi

Visiting a national park is something interesting to do. If you are looking for a nice national park in Indonesia, then you will surely need to visit Bantimurung National Park Sulawesi. That is because you will be offered with many nice and interesting spots that you can find in this place. In fact, some say that this national park is like the real miracle that you can find in Sulawesi. That is because you can find many interesting things as follows.

As the beginning, you will be able to find one unique well called Jamala by the locals. This well is believed to be a scared well by the locals. That is because many people are coming to this well just to get the water since the water is believed as a sacred water in Bantimurung National Park Sulawesi. Many people have proved that the water can make many people to stay young, easy to get a couple and some other things. That is because this well is said to be the bath of the goddesses, believe it or not.

Upon visiting the well, you can go to the Bantimurung Waterfall. This waterfall is not too high and not dangerous at all. This is one reason why many people are jumping inside the waterfall and have a little splash of their own. If you have finished exploring the waterfall, then you can continue your exploration to the cave near the waterfall. However, you will find a small and nice lake before you reach the cave. The clean and clear water of the lake is something that makes this lake in Bantimurung National Park Sulawesi looks totally attractive. The greenie color of the lake is just so beautiful.

For your information, this national park is focusing on the preservation of many species of butterflies. This is one reason why many people are coming there, to see many nice and different species of butterflies. However, you cannot find the specific place where you can some specific species of butterflies. That is because the butterflies live freely on the national park. As the result, you can always find the butterflies flying around the Bantimurung National Park Sulawesi when you are in here. As an addition to that, the local government has made special department to help in preserving the butterflies. Therefore, finding the plate full of flowers with some sweet water is something common as the food for the butterflies.

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