Spending Your Holiday in Ijen Crater East Java

If you are travelling to Indonesia for your holiday, then you might want to consider visiting Ijen Crater East Java. This place has one of the nicest craters that you can find in Indonesia. In fact, this crater has some other attractions and interesting things that attract many tourists to come here, not only from Indonesia, but also from all over the world. Here are some nice things that you can find in Ijen Crater that you can find in East Java, Indonesia.

One interesting thing that you can find in here is the nice view of the crate. This crate is made from the Ijen Mount so that you will need to go up a little bit if you want to see the crate. Even though the eastern part of Java is considered as a high temperature area, but the temperature in Ijen Crater East Java might reach two degree Celsius so that you might want to prepare some warms jackets if you are not really into the cold weather.

The next thing that many people love from this place is the amazing blue fire. Yes, the lava from the crate is blue in color, like the one that you usually see when you are using the gas stove. At some point, this kind of lava is a dangerous thing if you see it too close, but at another point, this kind of view is something that you should never miss from this place. However, you will need to go to there after the sun sets if you want to see the blue fire. That is because the blue color of the lava will not be visible if you are going to Ijen Crater East Java in the middle of the day.

Another thing that might attract your attention is the traditional mining. The locals are usually going to the bottom area of the crater just to get some stones that they can extract for the sulfur. Even though this kind of activity is considered as something dangerous, but the locals are still doing that since that is their main source in living. As an addition to that, around the Ijen Crater East Java you can also find some souvenirs like the miniature of the baskets used by the locals there to take the sulfur from the bottom of the crater. Of course, you will also get the sulfur extract if you buy the souvenirs from them.


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