Spending Your Holiday with the Locals in Ubud Bali


All of the people love traveling, but the kind of travel is surely different between one people with the others. If you love to travel to the village area, where you can see the beauty of the nature, then Ubud Bali in Indonesia will be the best place that you can go. This place is just a village in one district called Gianyar that is located in the province of Bali. Even though, this village offers you the total beauty of the natural village view as well as the humbleness of the locals. You will bear to stay some days in Ubud.

There are some nice and interesting spots that you can try when you are visiting Ubud. The first one is the art market. Basically, this market is just like many traditional markets that you can find in the whole world. However, the art market in Ubud Bali has been transformed based on the need of the locals. Therefore, you will find the traditional market that sells many dairies and other daily needs for the locals and in the afternoon, you will be able to get some souvenirs and crafts from the locals that are specifically made for the tourists coming to Ubud.

If you love something sacred and historical, then you can visit the Puri Agung near the art market. This place can be considered as the central of the culture that you can find in Ubud. As an addition to that, there is a part in this place that looks like the terrace that is usually used for the traditional performance that attracts many tourists’ attention. The next spot in Ubud Bali that you need to visit is the monkey forest. It is a little does not make sense when you say forest but you can find thousands of monkeys in the area. It should be called by monkey jungle by many people. The numerous number of the monkey is something that attracts many people’s attention to come here. However, you will need to be careful since all of the monkeys there are very smart. Just be careful with your belongings.

For the final spot in this area, you can find many local cuisines that are cooked with the natural ways and natural ingredients. This is one last thing that you need to do in Ubud Bali. You will need to find the local cuisines with the best taste such as the rolled pig, the naughty ducks, and some others.


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