The History of Prince Diponegoro

Prince Diponegoro is one of so many Indonesian National Heroes. He is a son of Sultan Hamengkubuwana II. He is the third king from the Yogyakarta Kingdom. He was born on 11 November 1785 in Yogyakarta. His name was Mustahar when he born. His mother was a garwa ampeyan or concubine of Sultan hamengkubuwana III who has the name R.A. Mangkarawati. In his life, Diponegoro was not interested to have a life in kingdom. He chose to live in a village. He and his family lived in Tegalrejo, in the house of his grandmother. He was a prince who ever rebellious his kingdom because he did not agree with the rules applied by the kingdom.

Talking about the history of Diponegoro will make us remember about the great war of Diponegoro War. Diponegoro war is the war which leaded by Prince Diponegoro to against the Netherland colonialism. This war was begun when the Netherland Government installed the sign of landmark in his property. Not only caused by this case. Diponegoro was also tired and sick because of the Dutch behavior that exploited the people with taxation and did not respect the local customs.

The rebellions of Dinponegoro got so many sympathy and supports from the citizens. He said that the war was the holy war to against the Kafir. Then, he made a quarter on the Selarong Cave. This was based on the suggestion from his uncle. He sucessed to turn the fire on by using the words of perang sabil to make the citizens support him and got the spirit to against the colonialism. The war happened in so many towns and villages. It could be called as the big war in Java Island. In this war, Prince Diponegoro was supported by Kyai Maja, Raden Tumenggung Prawiradigdaya, and Sunan Pakubuwana. The fierced battle happened everywhere.

It could be ensured if an area could be paralyzed by the Dutch in the morning, then, the troops of Diponegoro could take it back in the night. The war had ended when the Netherlands successfully to trap Diponegoro. Prince Diponegoro was arrested in Magelang 28 March 1830. When he was arrested, he gave up to the Netherland with the specific requirement that was, his forces freed. After that, Diponegoro sentenced and exiled to Manado viagra a 50 mg. Then, the Netherland government moved him to Makassar until the day he died in Rotterdam Castle 8 January 1855.

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