The Seditious Malin Kundang

A long time ago in Sumatra, there was a family of three people. A husband, a wife, and their son named Malin Kundang. Because they were so poor at that time, the husband is leaving their family behind to go somewhere far to get some money, hoping that one day they will become a richer family. However, time passed away until there is not more information about where the husband is. During that long time, the wife is taking care of her son on her own until one time, Malin decided to leave home too.

The main reason why he wanted to leave home is similar with his father. He wants to get the wealth that his father never gives to him and his mother. Because of that reason too, his mother let Malin Kundang go. Even though his mother did not let him go at the first time, his mother finally let him go with one message. He has to come back and never forget where he came from, especially his mother. With that one promise to keep, Malin finally left Sumatra for his very first travel out of Sumatra.

Many years have passed until there are some rumors saying that Malin has gain all of the wealth and power that he were looking for many years ago. The news made his mother really happy. In fact, some people in the village said that this rich and wealthy people is going back home. Therefore, his mother is waiting for Malin Kundang to go home every single day at the port until the time of arrival comes.

Unfortunately, when he arrived at the port, her mother suddenly hug her tight and say how she missed him so much. Not long after that, he Malin kicked his mother away and said that he does not know her. Even so, he was just pretending since he already has a very beautiful wife. He does not want to be humiliated because his mother looks like a homeless. Because of the shame from her own son, his mother cursed him into a stone. Some days later, Malin is leaving his hometown without saying anything to his mother. Until some days after the leave of Malin Kundang, there are rumors saying that the big ship that Malin has was destroyed by a big storm and the only remain is the statue of human that looks really similar with Malin.


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