The Story of Yadnya Kasada Ceremony in Tengger

It is always amazing and wonderful to enjoy the view of mount Bromo. It is so majestic to watch it with the height about 2400 m.dpl and the white smoke from active crater there with the smell of sulfur. Moreover, the appearance of Tengger people which are inhabited in the mount Bromo foot creates their own charming by using casual clothes called ‘kupluk’ and ‘sarung’. They have been living there with constancy of the culture and tradition from one generation to another which makes them live in peace, humble, and honest. The story of Yadnya Kasada ceremony is begun from the legend about the children of Joko Seger (a Brahmana son) and Roro Anteng (a Majapahit kingdom princess). Their daily conversation used the ancient Javanese language. They had not the stratification of language among there; it was a different language from Javanese which is common to be used.

The Tengger people serve their district and Majapahit kingdom as a holy place. The people in Tengger are Hindu adherent. They annually do the ceremony which is called Yadnya Kasada (or Kasodo). This ceremony is held in “Poten Temple” which is located in under the mount Bromo and continues to the top of Bromo. This ceremony is done in the midnight when it is a full moon in a month of Kasodo based on Java calendar.

The story of Yadnya Kasada is a story of sacrifice. The story is begun from Roro Anteng who got married with Joko Seger. They lived in Tengger Mountain. From time to time, people in Tengger lived in peace, but it was not for this couple because they did not have any child in their life. Then, Joko Seger decided to meditate in the Bromo crater in order to wish that God would help him by giving child. In the end of the meditation, he heard some a voice which told him that he would have children but with one requisite; the last child should be sacrificed to the Bromo crater. Then, they agreed. After passing a long time, they had 25 children, but he forgot about the promise with the God. The God got angry, so he made a disaster to the Tengger people. Mount Bromo erupted and destroyed their peaceful life. Kusuma, the name of the last and youngest son of Joko Seger and Roro Anteng, with his willing came to the Bromo crate and sacrifice his life. Then, in the next period, people in Tengger solemnize it by throwing some crops and livestocks from the top of Bromo to the crater. This is what people called as Yadnya Kasada ceremony.

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