The Underwater Paradise in Bunaken Sulawesi

Snorkeling and diving can be one nice activity to have. However, where can you find the best place to do that since many places are polluted nowadays? If you are asking the same thing, then you will need to go to Bunaken Sulawesi. That is because Bunaken offers you one of the best paradise that you can find under its coastline. This is something that you should never miss if you say that you are the real diving or snorkeling lover.

Bunaken is located in Sulawesi, one main island in Indonesia. Basically, there are a lot of nice things that you can find in this place such as the beautiful local ladies that might attract many male tourists attention, the nice looking sandy beach over the horizon, and some other things. However, the best of Bunaken Sulawesi is the underwater view. In fact, the place is called the Underwater National Park because of its beauty. That is because you can find many different species of fish and also the corals. The combination of the faunas under the water of Bunaken and the colorful and naturally arranged corals make this place is loved by many people who like to do diving and snorkeling.

If you cannot do diving or snorkeling because you cannot swim, then you will not need to worry since you can find many services that will help you to discover the beauties of the underwater park in Bunaken, but of course, you will need to pay for some extra cash for the personal training. However, if you really do not want to go under the water in Bunaken Sulawesi, that is okay. You can still enjoy the beauty of the underwater park since the water is very clean so that you can see through the water easily. You just need to take a boat, go to the middle a little bit, stay there, and enjoy the beautiful view of what is under the boat. Thanks to the local government that can handle the cleanliness of this place.

For your information, there are a lot of people and tourists, both local and international, who were sad to go here. That is because they all are sad since they only have few days to spend their holiday in this nice and beautiful place. Therefore, if you are visiting Bunaken Sulawesi, you might want to plan at least a week to stay in this place and enjoy the nature.


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